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A Small Batch
Product Experience

Artisan Consumer Goods' initial focus will be on achieving growth through CPG product development and commercialization.


297 President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231   |   (206) 537-7141   |   amber@artisanconsumergoods.com

The global community wants to invest wholesome products that make a difference.

Spices in Jars

We take global citizenship very seriously and strive to encourage and support social change through product development & retailing. 

Picking Broccoli

We​ ​plan to ​launch​ ​the​ ​Company​ ​with​ diverse​ product​​ ​lines​ ​that​ ​address​ ​high-value​ ​consumer segments​ within​ our​ target​ audience.


"The​ ​global​ ​market​ ​for​ ​consumer​ ​packaged​ ​goods​ ​is ​projected​​ ​to​ ​grow​ ​from​ ​$8​ trillion​ in​ ​2014​ ​to​ ​$14 trillion​ in​ ​2025."

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