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Our Story

Artisan goods are by definition, made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients and are especially one that involves making things by hand.

Hand selected,
CPG products

Examples of CPGs are personal hygiene, packaged food and drinks, clothing, makeup, tobacco, alcoholic bevverages, and household cleaning products.

Consumer packaged goods (“CPG”), also sometimes classified as fast-moving consumer products, “FMCP,” are a category of goods consumed frequently by consumers. This category consists of goods that typically are replaced often (as compared to durable goods, which are used for extended periods of time)

Small Batch

Hand selected ingredients formulated in small batches with a labor of love.

Often made in smaller quantities or “small batch,” we believe that today’s consumers have a desire, for higher quality, socially conscious, environmentally friendly, organic, farm to table goods.

Artisan Tradition

We plan to focus on consumer driven packaging, delivery, and service.

We seek out the creation of products that are made in the artisan tradition and facilitates the making, marketing, packaging, and delivery of these products.

Weekend Market
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